Man on Man Video, the name kind of says it all. We bring you video clips of hot gay sex from all over the web. We sort through clips from dozens of web sites to bring you the clips that stand out for one reason or another. Man on Man Video likes variety.

Gay Workout Sex

This clip from Man Royale starts off with a man in an exercise studio doing either naked pelvic thrusts or yoga of some sort. Another man appears and they engage in some gay workout sex. That is where the ordinariness of this video stops. From the be...

What to Expect

There are so many different varieties of sexy out there, and different things do the job for each of us. So we seek out variety in the clips… Number of performers (orgy!)… Race… Ethnicity… Body Type… Image (bad boy, twink, geek, jock). You may not like every clip on Man on Man Video, but you will find clips that you like. Of course, our favorite dimension of variety is the combination, mixing and matching men who may be very different into one hot sex scene. White muscled bad boy on Latino twink… Black and geeky meets Asian hard-body! ┬áThe possibilities are endless and very, very hot.

But don’t worry, we won’t neglect the classics. Twinks, bears, muscles, jocks. We’re always happy to throw in some more standard fare with all that spicy goodness. If its hot, it makes the cut. You’ll even see some sexy animated content here and there.

So what’s with all the text? Why not just do a tube site where you get the videos without the accompanying articles? We like to think of the videos as the main course, but the text as an appetizer. Our posts are meant to be hot, ramping you up for the goodies to come. It’s also intended to be fun. There’s no reason you can’t have a little fun while you’re getting off!

So get one hand free and get ready to enjoy. Man on Man Video is hot, sexy, and always fun. - Buy Adult Traffic